Super Star

Are you in need of a comfortable, ergonomic chair for your workplace? You've come to the right place! Génito offers chairs in various designs that are highly customizable. This ensures that you'll find the chair that perfectly fits your body and needs.

Our chairs are especially suitable for schools, institutions, clinics, and offices. One of our highly popular choices is the Super Star chair, which is available in several variants. The Super Star chair comes with 5 wheels, allowing you to easily move from one place to another in your office, clinic, or classroom. The chairs are also available in different seat heights, making them suitable for both children and adults.

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Why choose a Super Star chair?

The Super Star chair is an ergonomic chair that supports your body in a healthy way, making up for the disadvantages that prolonged sitting causes. Prolonged sitting can be hard on the body, so it's essential to have the right support tailored to your physique.

Our Super Star chairs come with various features that you can select based on your specific needs, ensuring top-notch ergonomics for you! If you prefer a chair with back support, our Super Star 225 with a T-back is an excellent choice. This chair is available in 2 seat heights, 3 different wheel types, and 7 different colors. If you prefer a chair without back support, check out Génito's Super Star 216, which also comes in 7 colors, with 3 wheel types, and 3 seat heights.

Interested in trying something other than the Super Star chairs?

No worries! At Génito, we have a broad range of chairs, and we certainly have the right one for you as well. Explore our and discover our wide selection of ergonomic chairs. Besides the Super Star chairs, you'll also find other wheeled chairs, both with and without back support — each with i Chair collectionts unique features and benefits.

We also offer several variants of stools without wheels, perfect for your kitchen island or café. These stools provide excellent seating comfort and come in various colors, allowing you to find the style that matches your home or café.

Can we assist you further?

If you have questions about our products or need advice on which chair is best for you, don't hesitate to Contact us!We're here to help with your inquiries every weekday, both via email and phone.

If you're struggling with assembly instructions, please reach out for assistance. All our assembly guides are also available online in case your physical copy gets lost or damaged. The instructions are available in German, Danish, and English.