Genito's Mission: A Commitment to Sustainability and Quality

In our pursuit of sustainability, Genito has made significant strides in recent years by reducing our CO2 emissions and energy consumption significantly. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is unquestionable, and we are dedicated to continually improving our production facilities.

Our overarching goal is to create a positive work environment while delivering top-quality products at the most competitive prices. In 2024, we aim to intensify our efforts in recycling by incorporating larger amounts of recycled plastic into our products. We are steadfast in making a difference in our industry and for the planet.

An exciting vision for 2024 is the launch of our first chair where all plastic is made from regenerated material. This initiative represents our commitment to being innovative and pioneering in sustainable production. We believe this step will set a new standard and inspire others to take similar strides toward a more sustainable future.

We are grateful for the support of our community on this journey towards sustainability and look forward to sharing more updates on our progress and initiatives. Together, we can make a difference for the environment and create a more sustainable world. Thank you for being a part of Genito's journey towards a greener future!


Recycled plastic


Are you looking for a sustainable way to reduce your environmental footprint? Recycled plastic is the answer! Recycled plastic is a crucial component in the global efforts to preserve our planet. This environmentally friendly resource is made from previously used plastic, reducing the need for new plastic production.

What is recycled plastic? Recycled plastic is plastic that undergoes a process of cleaning, melting, and reshaping into new products. This helps reduce waste and protect our natural resources. Recycled plastic can be used for everything from packaging and clothing to construction materials and toys.

Benefits of using recycled plastic:

Reduces waste: Using recycled plastic reduces the amount of plastic waste in landfills and in nature.
Saves energy: The production of recycled plastic often requires less energy compared to making new plastic.
Protects natural resources: Recycled plastic helps preserve our limited raw materials and safeguard our environment.
Promotes sustainability: Using recycled plastic is a significant step toward a more sustainable future.

Where you can find recycled plastic products:

You can find recycled plastic in a variety of products, including reusable bags, clothing, furniture, packaging, and more. Many companies and organizations are actively working to incorporate recycled plastic into their products to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. At our company, we have chosen to create a cushion block from recycled plastic.

How you can support recycled plastic:

Purchase products made from recycled plastic to support manufacturers investing in sustainability.
Sort your plastic waste properly and contribute to the recycling process.
By taking small steps like choosing recycled plastic products, you can make a significant difference for the environment. Together, we can contribute to preserving our planet for future generations. For more information about recycled plastic and its benefits, contact us today. We are dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness through the use of recycled plastic.


Ergonomic chair for the office or clinic.


Discover Rodeo: The Innovative Chair that Trains Your Core Muscles

We've long dreamed of creating something unique

a chair that could help you train your core muscles in a fun and effective way. This dream quickly became a reality when we encountered a physiotherapist who revealed the amazing benefits of riding and the muscle groups that are activated when you sit on the back of a horse.

The physiotherapist explained how the correct sitting position on a horse trains your core muscles and how your body constantly makes adjustments to maintain the right balance on the horse. That's where our journey began.

The result is Rodeo

an innovative chair that simulates the movements of a saddle when horses move. This unique design forces you to sit correctly and, at the same time, strengthens your core muscles. Rodeo is not just a chair; it's a training experience that improves your posture, strengthens your muscles, and gives you a sense of well-being.

By choosing Rodeo, you're not only investing in comfort but also in your own health and well-being. Don't forget that a strong core is crucial for your posture, back strength, and overall health.

Train smarter and sit better with Rodeo.

Give your body the attention it deserves and experience the benefits of our innovative chair. For more information about Rodeo and how it can enhance your life, contact us today. Your future with a stronger and healthier body begins here.