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New Ufo is a sturdy and functional chair that is suitable for institutions, schools, clinics, shops, children's rooms, the office and production facilities.

The high quality provides the chair with a long life and meet EU requirements, as approved by Institute of Technology. See approval.

Build your own chair with T-back / Round back / Oval back / Without back, where the seat is padded and upholstered in fabric or stamskin.

The seat height is in several variants from 30 cm. - 48 cm. and 66 cm. with runners. New Ufo is offered with 3 different types of wheel: regular wheels, soft thread castors, Load dependent wheel and runners.

Technical data
Diameter Ø 400 mm
Material Nylon with 30% glassfiber
Colours Black
Diameter Ø 310 mm
Plastic Nylon with 30% glassfiber
Foam Cold foam
Fabric Stamskin
Plastic Nylon with 30% glassfiber
Frame Iron
Seat height
Small 300 - 380 mm
Medium (standard) 380 - 480 mm
Runners Nylon runners with 30% fiberglass and PP base plate.