About us

The company Génito Ltd were founded in 1998 and is located in Ulstrup, Denmark.

The initiative was Erik Løgstrups. In 1972 he started his plastproduction company, which is still fully active today. He designed, on his background with many years of experience in the business, his own brand and produced the first chair, which where named Ballet.

The Hoffi series, which is designed by Claus Langhoff, were sold to Génito Ltd in 2011 and Erik Løgstrup, which he since then has expanded and further evolved the koncept, to offer his clients a strong dynamic expression.

The Hoffi products are sold in many countries; among others Mexico, New Zealand, California and Japan. Bar chairs give life to the modern home. Gorgeous and functional stools and a unique x-tray that catches the eye and will put the finishing touch to the furniture in the lounge, both in and outside the home. In addition to this Hoffi participate at fairs in Tokyo, New York, Stockholm and Formland – Nordic Design Community.

Erik Løgstrup

Erik Løgstrup has designed most part of Génito's products through many years. He is a man with both feet on the ground and who likes being around recognized and prizewinning designers and at the same time dealing with the machines in the production. His sense of craftsmanship and quality turns the ideas in to the finished products.


Our wish is to offer durable and ergonomic designer furnitures of the highest quality. This goal is marked by everything we do in the daily. Every single designer furniture meets these demands of quality and price, so the customer can always expect compliance to what we say and do.


With Génito we have high ambitions for the future. We want to be customers favorite choice when it comes to furniture designs. This goal is realized by offering qualityproducts at knifesharp prices, which is produced on the thought of environmentally friendly production methods.